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Energy Management Service

Energy is defined as the “The capacity to do work.” The capacity to do work tangibly references the electrical, mechanical and chemical forms of energy. Intangibly defined are the time, effort and human resources to produce work. Energy Management is the process of controlling the quantity and cost of energy, both tangibly and intangibly.

Most commercial office buildings use 10% to 30% more energy than is necessary. Cutting building’s tangible and intangible energy use, by 30% is comparable to a 3% increase in rental income or 5% increase in Net Operating Income. The value of Energy Management is reflected in the bottom line. It is also becoming a leading measure of quality management. In summary, organizations with comprehensive energy management plans are viewed positively by investors. There is no single guide for energy management. Each organization must develop their own approach based on the perception of risk and opportunities available.

ATI Energy Group offers a comprehensive suite of Energy Management Services, that allow you to control and recover your energy costs.  ATI Energy Management Services have the potential to reduce energy cost by 10 to 30 percent, increasing Net Operating Cost by 3 to 5 percent.

ATI Energy Group
, offers clients the following services:

On-Site Analyses

ATI Energy Services can reduce your energy costs by quickly determining the energy efficiency improvement projects that meet your investment criteria. An ATI Energy Survey will define economically achievable Energy Conservation Measures "ECM" and project the cost and saving potential of each ECM. ATI Energy's recommendations are specific but not limited to heating, cooling, controls, domestic hot water systems, lighting, motors, power systems, submetering. and compare your energy consumption history for individual properties and facilities.

Project Management

ATI Energy Group's experienced electrical and mechanical engineering team can help you implement your Energy Conservation Measures by providing complete project management, from analysis to on-site management. ATI Energy has a reputation for delivering the most simple or creative solutions on-time and on-budget.

Billing & Collection

ATI Energy Group offers complete billing, collection and customer suite of services. Billing services include the processing of bill ready data, rate ready data, Ratio Utility Billing System “RUBS” and metering system monitoring. These services are provided to the Utility, Commercial real estate and Multi-Family real estate industries for the billing of electric, gas, water, sewer, cable, trash and/or needs.

Utility Bill Management

ATI Energy Group utilizes AnCenergy Utility Management Software platform, a third party commercial utility management software. AnCenergy Utility Management Software is a suite of energy management tools including utility bill management, billing, customer management, accounting and field management modules. ATI is currently rolling out AnCenergy’s state-of-the-art Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment module. AnCenergy Utility Management Platform offers clients and customers online reporting, viewing and payment of accounts. AnCenergy software is fully Integratable with most mainstream accounting and collection.

Metering System

ATI Energy Group employs several utility grade metering and Automated Meter Reading systems. “AMR”. The electric, gas and water meters specified are recognized for their accuracy. The mobile and fixed AMR systems have a proven track record of performance. Today’s AMR systems are primarily wireless technologies and must be reviewed thoroughly. ATI specifies metering system based on a comprehensive review of the clients operational requirements. As noted, ATI provides complete project management from analysis to on-site management.

Utility Deregulation

ATI Energy's utility bill management programs allows for the processing of utility bills. The process includes scanning, logging, review and payment of meter specific utility bills. AnCenergy software allows the tracking and comparison of your energy consumption history for individual properties and facilities: analyze usage patterns and utility rates charged: compare your relative energy efficiency within the industry and among your site: track results of your property and facility's energy improvements: track your usage patterns in preparation for utility deregulation.

Energy and Tariff Supply Analysis

ATI Energy Group will sort through complicated utility rates and provides recommendations on your best rate options. In addition, we will make recommendations regarding deregulated energy savings opportunities and buying strategies. In a changing, deregulating environment, your energy strategy will determine your energy cost. We will start TODAY, working through the deregulation confusion to develop an energy strategy, with implementation guidelines that match your business.


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