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About Us ATII

ATI Energy Group was formed in 1997.  We are an Energy Service Company “ESCO” dedicated to helping commercial and investment real estate owners manage, recover and reduce the cost of energy and utilities.  Since 1997, The ATI Energy group of companies have generated client savings and revenues in excess of $75 million.  This is a client portfolio market capitalization of $750 million in portfolio value.  ATI’s business is about increasing our clients NOI.

ATI Energy services offers proven methods of controlling energy and utility cost.  Energy related services include site energy evaluations, energy surveys, design build systems, billing and Submetering.  ATI Energy’s billing services foundation is a fully integrated billing and management software built on the Microsoft Suite of products.  The software platform can be integrated with most accounting, utility and real estate management software.   EBS’s software engineering team is highly educated and offer global software solutions adhering to CMMI® Level 5, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001:2005 standards through ATI’s certified global information technology partner. ATI Energy’s technology’s partners are Certified and Gold Certified Microsoft Partners.

The bottom line is the energy management services and programs provide significant benefit to any organization by reducing waste, cutting cost and improving profits, as well as helping the environment.

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